Be respectful
to all players, their belongings, and their builds. Griefing and stealing will be dealt with accordingly.

Be mindful
of your language. Swearing is allowed, but offensive remarks and spam are discouraged.

Be responsible
with your play. Hacking and cheating are grounds for a ban.

There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on all griefing, stealing, and hacking. Committing any of these will cause you to lose your membership without warning. You may appeal if you wish to get back your membership. Repeat offenses may result in a permanent ban.


Be respectful

1A.) No griefing. This means the intentional destruction of other people's property for no other reason than to cause mischief.

1B.) No stealing. If you didn't make it, don't take it or use it without permission (or at least leave a note). This also applies to using other player's farms.

1C.) If you unintentionally break something, PLEASE help fix it! Just because it was an accident doesn't mean you're relieved of responsibility.

1D.) No non-consensual PvP. Players should agree before fighting each other.

1E.) Any offenses that happen as a result of personal drama will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis

Be mindful

2A.) Swearing/cursing is allowed, but don't be obnoxious with your language. Keep it appropriate to the people around you.

2B.) Severe offensive statements (racism, sexism, etc.) are not tolerated. You should know when a joke goes too far.

2C.) No spamming chat. This includes abusing systems/plugins that display information in chat.

2D.) Please speak English in public chat. We have people coming from different countries on this server and we want everyone to feel included.

Be responsible

3A.) Using cheat clients/hacks is strictly not tolerated. Just stick to vanilla clients if you want to be safe.

3B.) Acceptable mods: Optifine, Shaders, Mini-maps, World Downloader, Litematica, Fullbright

3C.) Unfair glitching/exploits are not allowed. If it's unfair to other players, don't use it.

3D.) Acceptable exploits: Primed TNT duping. Everything else can be assumed to be not allowed.

3E.) Don't do anything that would cause lag to the server. Excessive mob spawning and chunk loading are major causes of lag.

3F.) The secret word is Olive. By acknowledging the secret word, you are affirming that you have read the rules and will abide by them.